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Work-Life Balance

Is your business leaving you with no time to enjoy life?

Is Your Business Running Away with Your Life?

Running a business and having a life isn’t easy for a small business owner.  Sometimes it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the week to run your business, deal with the unexpected and have a personal life too. We will help you shift from the business running you to you actually running the business with time to enjoy your life.  

What would it take to:

  1. Get your business performing smoothly?
  2. Have time to spend with your family and do the things you love?
  3. Take action on the issues that drain your energy and attention?

How coaching helps you take control of your life! 

Each of us has the power to balance our work and life. So, what’s stopping you? Often, the biggest obstacle is ourselves. It could be fear of failure; the day-to-day strain of business operations or simply our comfort level with change.

As your coach, we actively listen, advise, strategize, challenge, encourage.  We help you take action to get what you really want in your life. During our work together, we will:

  1. Determine what you want.
  2. Identify the changes needed to achieve it.
  3. Establish action steps to accomplish your goals.
  4. Give you hands-on support and direction.
  5. Keep you on track every step of the way.
Cindy Giroud, Business Consultant and Coach

How can we help you?

As your coach, we'll help you identify the changes required so you can start living life and and enjoy your business.
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