Lou Giroud

Consultant and Coach for Business Owners

About Lou

Lou Giroud, Business Consultant and Coach

Lou's Story

Lou is passionate about helping business owners solve their challenges. As founder and owner of a successful family business for 47 years, Lou understands realities of owning a business and making it successful. His experience enables him to quickly evaluate your situation and help you find the best solutions to achieve your goals.

Lou built a highly profitable, multi-million-dollar company which he sold to a national firm for a very high multiple.  While financially successful by most standards, his real success was creating a business that could give him the life and lifestyle he wanted.  By putting the right people and management systems in place, he was able to lead the company remotely for 15 years, average a 40-hour workweek, take at least 13 weeks’ vacation a year and spend time with his family.  He knows how to help you get the life you really want too. 

Lou has been active in business and community organizations.  A member of Vistage for over 20 years,  Lou was part of many SWOT teams charged with turning around troubled businesses. As an ISA Certified Arborist, Lou was the former Board Secretary of the Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture.  A member and past president of the Northeast Philadelphia Lions Club, Lou was also  member of the Jenkintown Rotary Club.


With years of experience advising small business owners, Lou will help you solve your challenges from everyday problems to full blown crises.  He’s tackled issues such as hemorrhaging cash, not making a profit, feeling trapped and unhappy with the business, sinking sales and solving people problems.  Lou works with manufacturers and many service companies including painters, landscapers and tree and lawn companies, even competitors.  

Lou’s expertise enables him to work through any business challenge. He specializes in:

  • Issue Analysis: Getting to the heart of a problem, objectively evaluating options and determining the best solution.
  • Business Operations: Structuring your organization and creating systems to manage your business including establishing and tracking your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Sales Success: Increasing sales by building sales teams and creating processes for selling, measuring and compensating salespeople.
  • Performance Incentives: Setting up incentive programs for all areas of a business to create a win/win for employees and you.
  • Family Business Issues: Helping you navigate the unique challenges of running a family business.
  • Conflict Resolution: Managing conflicts with employees, co-workers and customers.
  • Exit Strategies: Succession planning and preparing your company for sale so that it is attractive to potential buyers.
  • Coaching:  Helping you and your key executives to get the results you want.
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