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Family Business Issues

Running a family business is complicated but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Are You Getting The Results You Want from Your Family Business?

Family businesses have a vastly different dynamic from any other kind of company.   Not all family members have the same degree of skill, knowledge and work ethic.  The result can be stressful for all and have a negative effect on both the family and the business. Additionally, family members sometimes have difficulty separating family and work. Work problems often aren’t left at work and family problems sometimes don’t stay at home. 

As your family business coach,  we will help you identify the key issues and ensure each family member understands their role, expectations and where they fit in.  

We will help you take action on:

  1. Setting Structure and Policies: Improve the family’s ability to work together by establishing: detailed job descriptions, regular family meetings for all family members, periodic reviews and compensation commensurate to each job.
  2. Succession Planning: If you decided to walk away today, who would run your business? Does anyone have the skills and leadership required to do it successfully? How are you preparing that person to take over?  We can help you design a succession plan and prepare your successors to take over.  
  3. Conflict Resolution: When conflicts occur, we can help you develop a clear process and boundaries that everyone agrees on to discuss and resolve the problem.  

We have first-hand experience with the unique dynamics that can occur between family members. After running our family business for 47 years, we know how to help you navigate the unique and sometimes turbulent, uncharted waters of making your family business thrive.  

Lou Giroud, Business Consultant and Coach

How can we help you?

Family businesses are unique. The added dimension of working with family members can be empowering and sometimes debilitating. Having run a family business successfully for 47 years, we can help!
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