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Business Exit Strategies

When the time comes, how are you going to exit your business?

Are you ready to leave your business?

Make the most of your future.  Take time now to carefully assess your business exit strategy options.

For so many years, your focus has been making your business successful.  It’s hard to think there would ever come a time when you’re ready to move on. 

We will help you find the exit strategy that best meets your goals.  Options may include:

1. Creating a Succession Plan

The first step is to evaluate your team. Who has the capabilities and desire to successfully own and run your business? You’ll want to begin this process as early as possible. It can take a few to several years to groom your successor and the leadership team. In structuring the sale, you may realize tax benefits by offering seller financing. They can purchase the business over time. Also, this can make the deal more attractive for the buyer.

2. Hiring a CEO

Do you want to stay involved with the business? Hiring a CEO from the outside could be the right choice for you. This option can free you from the day to day of running the business However, it is a shorter term solution because you are still the owner of the company.

3. Preparing Your Business for Sale

We understand what investors are looking for when they buy a business. We also know how to build its value and get the highest price. Before pursuing a sale, the first step is to calculate the monthly amount of money you need. The calculation should cover what you require to live and have the lifestyle you want as well as how much income you need to derive from the sale of your business. Additionally, your corporate structure (C Corp, S Corp, LLC or Sole Proprietor) somewhat dictates how you sell the company and the income you are able to generate after taxes. Once you know what you need financially and the tax implications of your corporate structure, you are in a better position to structure a sale that meets your objectives.

In working with you on your business exit strategy, we’re not a replacement for your accountant, attorney or financial planner. As your coach and consultant, our focus is to help you sort through the options and develop a preliminary strategy. Then, it’s essential to talk with your specialists to ensure your plan will yield the results you’re looking for.

Lou Giroud, Business Consultant and Coach

How can we help you?

You’ve built it and now you’re thinking about how to retire or move on to a new chapter. Having successfully sold our own company and helped others work through their business exit strategies, we will work with you to evaluate all the options and determine the direction that best fits your goals.
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