Consulting and Executive Coaching for Small Business Owners

Are You Getting what you want from your business?

About Us

We help you build the business and life you really want.

As the owner of a small business, you face challenges everyday and it can feel lonely at the top.  Who can you call to talk through a problem, brainstorm ideas and figure out the best action to take?  

Giroud Consulting is your sounding board and advisor.  Our small business consulting and executive coaching services are available anytime you need us, to ask the right questions and help solve your biggest challenges.

What We Do

Business Consulting and Coaching

Small Business Consulting Services
Business Consulting

What keeps you up at night? Is it a single issue or a breakdown on multiple fronts. Our business consulting services will help you get to the heart of the problem and solve it.

Executive Coaching Services for Small Business Owners
Executive Coaching

Are you getting what you want from your business. As your professional coach, we will focus on the results you want, develop clear goals and take action to achieve them.

Marketing Solutions for Small Business to drive sales and help your business grow.
Marketing Solutions

Does your marketing program consistently bring business in the door? If not, we will work with you to create a powerful marketing engine that continually drives leads and grows your customer base.

Get the sales results you want.
Improve Sales Performance

Is your sales performance lacking? If so, it's time to look at your sales system from top to bottom. The sales process, your salespeople, and compensation are just a few of the areas we will target.

Executive coaching for small business owners to help with Work Life Balance.
Work-Life Balance

Do you struggle to find enough hours in the week to run your business and have a personal life too? Stop letting the business run your life! We'll help you identify what's draining your time and make the changes required to live the life you want.

Business Consulting to Improve Business Results
Improve Business Results

Is your business producing the results you want? If not, let's examine what's getting in the way. As your small business consultants, we’ll find the areas that are underperforming and help you implement solutions.

Our Business Success Story

Giroud Tree and Lawn, a family business, built from the ground up.

We created a high performing multi-million dollar organization that was best in class in sales, production, marketing and management.  Our company produced enviable profits and attracted a buyer who purchased the company for an exceptionally high multiple. All of this was accomplished with the key leaders based 1,100 miles away and living the life we wanted.

Lou Giroud and Cindy Giroud business consultants and coaches

How can we help you succeed?

When you choose Giroud Consulting, you get a team of experts who have worked in the trenches. We know firsthand the pressures of owning and growing a business. Let us help you get the business and life you really want!
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