Consulting Services for Small Business Owners

Business Consulting

Solve the issues that are holding you back from getting the business results you want. 

small business consulting services

We work with you to uncover your real issues and determine the best actions to solve them.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

From a single issue to a breakdown on multiple fronts, we ask the right questions and look beneath the surface to your analyze unique situation and solve it.  

Improve Business Results

What are your financial reports telling you? We'll look behind the numbers to see how your business is really performing and what changes are required to get the results you want.

Marketing Solutions

Is your marketing program delivering the results you want? We'll work with you to create a powerful marketing engine that consistently drives leads and sales.

Strategic Planning

Do you have a road map to guide you? A strategic plan starts with setting your goals and then laying out the actions needed to navigate the bumps in the road and successfully reach where you want to go.

Improve Sales Performance

Are you getting the sales performance you want? If not, it's time to look at your sales system from top to bottom. The sales process, your salespeople, and compensation are just a few of the areas we will target.

Lou Giroud and Cindy Giroud business consultants and coaches

How can we help you?

After 47 years of owning our own business and providing consulting services for other small businesses like yours, we can help you tackle and solve your toughest issues.
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