coaching Services for small business owners

Executive Coaching

Helping you get the business results you want and enjoy life.

small business coaching services

Business pressures make it tough to take action, grow your business and have a life.

Coaching Helps You Accomplish More and Stay on Track.

As your coach, we will focus on what you want from your business, develop clear goals and help you take action to achieve them.

Work Life Balance

Sometimes it can feel like there aren't enough hours in the week to run your business, deal with the unexpected and have a personal life too. We will help you shift from the business running you to you actually running the business with time to enjoy your life.

Family Business Issues

After running our family business for 47 years, we know the unique dynamics that can occur between family members. We will help you establish policies and boundaries so that each person in the family business understands their role, expectations and where they fit in.

Help for Failing Businesses

You just received the latest P&L and balance sheet from your accountant and it doesn't look good. Owners tend to focus on the numbers themselves, we look behind the numbers to find what's really causing the trouble.

Business Exit Strategies

You’ve built it and now you’re thinking about how to retire or move on to a new chapter. There are many variables. The direction depends on what works best for your future. We will help you find the strategy that best meets your goals.

Lou Giroud and Cindy Giroud business consultants and coaches

How can we help you?

Our small business coaching services will help you identify the changes you want to make in your business and work with you to stay on track to reach your goals.
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