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Help for Failing Businesses

If your business is in crisis, it’s urgent to take the right actions quickly to turn it around before it’s too late.

Is Your Business In Trouble?

Your business is failing you need help. You just received the latest P&L and balance sheet from your accountant. It doesn’t look good.  

Often, your first instinct is to focus on the numbers.  However, they are just a symptom of  what’s really causing the trouble.

As your small business consultant and coach, we will help you dig deeper.  Together, we will uncover the areas where your business is not executing flawlessly.  Equally important, we will recommend the actions required to turn your business around. 

Strategies to put your business back in the black:

  1. Evaluating your debt and restructuring where possible.
  2. Implementing ways to collect your money faster.
  3. Eliminating drains on your business such as non-productive employees.
  4. Right sizing the business for strong gross profit margins.
  5. Analyzing expenses and determining what can be eliminated or lowered.
  6. Discontinuing low profit services or products.
  7. Bringing more sales in the door through improved sales systems and more effective marketing.
Lou Giroud, Business Consultant and Coach

How can we help you?

When your business is in crisis, it's hard to see a way out. As your small business consultant and coach, we can help you weather the storm and find the best options and solutions.
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